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Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be one of the best moves that you do to get your life back or to help you get busy on some of those tasks that have been on your to-do list for the past few months. Entrepreneurs seek VAs in order to either start to step away from their business to start living life again, or they start to work smarter not harder. I say it all the time, but the latter folks are seeing that the best way to grow and scale their business is to delegate so that they can work on their business, rather than in it. When you’re working in your business, you won’t have the time that is required to do the bigger picture projects that really come together to help grow your company.

One of the first steps to hiring a virtual assistant is determining what exactly you can outsource to them. You’re trying to free up your time to finally start working on your business, and here I am giving you a task to do. Well, my friend, you’re in luck. Here’s a huge list of 131 tasks that you can outsource to your VA. Some tasks will require a bit more specialization, while most will require little to no training at all.

General Skills

This section is dedicated to the tasks that you can easily outsource without putting in too much time to train. We do suggest that you take your time to set up processes, so that even the simplest tasks can be done the same way and the correct way every time. On each item, think about how long you spend each week and determine all of the other larger tasks that you could be doing instead. The cost of doing it yourself and not hiring a VA is other tasks that you have to put off. Opportunity cost at its finest…

Email & Schedule Management

Managing your daily email can oftentimes turn out to be a tedious task. These tasks are a very simple way to test the waters with your virtual assistant. Assign simple email and schedule management tasks to get a start at freeing up your time to start working on larger, more important projects to help grow your business.

  1. Filtering Emails
  2. Managing Spam
  3. Creating & Building a Database
  4. Updating contacts in CRM
  5. Answering customer service emails
  6. Responding to customer service tickets
  7. Providing customer service chat support
  8. Sending greeting cards
  9. Sending event invitations
  10. Sending hand written thank you cards to new customers
  11. Appointment scheduling
  12. Travel Arrangement & Planning
  13. Reminder Services
  14. Answering Calls
  15. Making outbound calls to customers
  16. Send out hiring ads
  17. Screen hiring prospects
  18. Set up interviews with prospects

Administrative & Blogging Tasks

Just like with the email tasks, these additional administrative tasks are a great way to just get started on delegating your tasks out to your virtual assistant.

  1. Transcription of Video Files
  2. Transcription of Audio Files
  3. Formatting eBooks
  4. Create reports
  5. Create forms
  6. Create Document Templates
  7. Online Research
  8. Data Mining & Development
  9. Lead Generation
  10. Blog Publishing Management
  11. Moderating Blog Comments
  12. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts
  13. Voicemail Checking
  14. Send Invoices
  15. Basic Bookkeeping
  16. Personal Errands
  17. Simple Training Tasks
  18. Project Management Tasks
  19. Preparation of Training Materials
  20. Training of New Virtual Staff
  21. Deadline Tracking
  22. Deliverables Tracking
  23. Social Media Management
  24. Creating Facebook Fan Pages
  25. Creating Facebook Fan Groups
  26. Posting and Scheduling Facebook Insights
  27. Promoting Facebook Pages
  28. Collating and Interpreting Facebook Insights
  29. Creating a Twitter Account
  30. Managing Twitter Account
  31. Schedule Tweets
  32. Tracking Mentions and Hashtags
  33. Manage YouTube Accounts
  34. Moderate YouTube Comments
  35. Upload Videos
  36. Answer Inquiries and Messages on Social Media
  37. Live Chat Agent
  38. Create Pinnable Images on Pinterest
  39. Create a Pinterest
  40. Scheduling Pins
  41. Track Pins
  42. Create Slideshare Presentations

File Storage & Organization Tasks

  1. Cloud Storage Organization
  2. Data Entry
  3. Creating and managing spreadsheets
  4. Preparing presentations
  5. PDF Conversion, Splitting and merging

Specialized Assistant

In this section, we’ve outlined the tasks that require specialized knowledge. We’re not saying that you couldn’t hire a General Skills VA and train them to perform email marketing or video editing, but we do predict that the training would take significantly longer. Remember: you are hiring a VA to free up your time, after all. Therefore, it’s probably in your best interest to just go ahead and hire someone that has prior knowledge on these skills.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing. By putting this off, you could potentially be missing out on a lot of revenue. Hire a VA to take care of this and watch the magic happen.

  1. Creating a New List in Email Marketing Software
  2. Adding Subscribers to Lists
  3. Removing Subscribers to Lists
  4. Creating Emails to Promote Content
  5. Scheduling Emails to Promote Content
  6. Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto Responders
  7. Creating Email Newsletters
  8. Editing Emails
  9. Proofreading Emails

Audio/Video Editor

Hiring a VA to handle audio and video editing can save a ton of money. More importantly, outsourcing your audio work can create a professional image for your customers that can have a great effect on your marketing. Even if you are in the audio/video business, you could benefit from a VA here, too. Imagine how much time you could save, by simply outsourcing the very basics to an already skilled VA? Saving time and money without compromising quality? Sounds like a no brainer to me!

  1. Basic Editing of Audio Files
  2. Removing Background Noise from Audio and Video
  3. Adding Intros and outros to videos
  4. Basic Photo Shop Editing
  5. Podcast Software Installation
  6. Podcast Setup on iTunes
  7. Podcast Setup on Spotify
  8. Podcast Insertion on Blogpost

SEO/Content Writer

SEO firms can be a huge money pit. Sometimes, they are pretty shady and it can seem like you don’t know where your money is going. SEO firms that are not like that are charging exorbitant amounts. While it’s worth it (sometimes), it may be more valuable to you to have an in-house (not really in-house, but you get what I mean) SEO analyst working for you. This could be ideal for eCommerce sites, that are putting out a TON of content. Having an SEO virtual assistant can also save money from hiring a freelancer.

  1. Blog Post Creation
  2. Guest Blogging
  3. SEO Writing
  4. Technical SEO Audits
  5. Manage Google Analytics
  6. Set up Google Dashboards
  7. Manage Google Search Console
  8. Press Release Writing
  9. Newsletter Writing
  10. Copywriting
  11. Directory Submission
  12. Citation Submission
  13. Article Spinning
  14. Article Marketing
  15. Site Analysis
  16. Keyword Research
  17. Competitor Analysis
  18. Landing Page Set-up & Creation
  19. Web Master Submission
  20. Sitemap Updates
  21. Sitemap Submissions
  22. On-page Optimizations
  23. Off-page optimization
  24. Social Bookmarking
  25. Blog Commenting
  26. Forum Participation
  27. Forum Moderation
  28. Creating and Managing Backlinks
  29. Weekly Google Analytics Reports
  30. Monthly Google Analytics Reports
  31. Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports

Graphic/Web Designer & Developers

Just like with the audio and video editor virtual assistant, hiring a graphic design and web design VA can save a lot of money from hiring a design company. A lot of VAs out there are very well adept to HTML/CSS and could be a great resource, especially if you are churning out a lot of different pages for your website. Additionally, you can find some VAs that have more advanced language skills, such as PHP, where they will be able to totally customize your WordPress site (or help with some of your customers).

  1. Designing Logos
  2. Designing Banners
  3. Designing Icons
  4. Designing eBook Covers & Headers
  5. Designing Infographics Images
  6. Designing Websites
  7. Creating Mock-Ups
  8. Support and Develop Websites
  9. Manage Content Management Systems (CMS)
  10. Install WordPress PlugIns
  11. Manage WordPress PlugIns
  12. Install WordPress Themes
  13. Manage WordPress Themes
  14. WordPress Functionality and PlugIn Enhancement
  15. Site Maintenance
  16. Site Security and Troubleshooting
  17. CRM Integration
  18. Social Media Integration
  19. Payment Gateway Integration
  20. Email Ticketing System Installation
  21. Email Ticketing System Support


    We know that this list can be a bit too much, but at the same time, it really isn’t complete. In fact, anything that you can think of that is specific to your business needs can more than likely be outsourced to a virtual assistant. Comment below if you have any questions or let us know how your business is planning on using your VA.